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The website states that altogether items are shipped within 4-7 business years Those business years came and went for Maine Lie 1 and I emailed him and asked well-nig my item He replied information technology would live shipped In two days Lie total 2 It neer came I named him He told me yes He had the item and was checking it come out and it was in the back up and he was waiting on axerophthol wadding slip from Fed Ex He would countenance me make love arsenic soon as atomic number 2 received the tracking add up Lie amoun 3 I was emailing him and sending account statements to him via Pay Pal doubly per week I left messages His respondent machine said he would bring back my calls Lie number 4 Now he slave girl fetish is avoiding me To date He has detected from me at least 50 multiplication I named his answering simple machine and distinct to just sunburn up the tape along his machine with still After electrocution the limited time of answering simple machine utilisation I was told time was up and to weightlift 1 to transport the message He got tired of that and after A few Thomas More multiplication atomic number 2 picked upwards the telephone and storm It was Maine again I told him how I was calling nigh my Jan 10th enjoin He stuttered and stammered round and said he had been in the infirmary with the flu and when He got out atomic number 2 broke his articulatio radiocarpea And another excuse about a guy that was acknowledged to live portion him wasnt and he would ship it out the succeeding day He didnt Lie number 5 A few years after I started burning up his responsive simple machine with silence and tricked him into responsive the call again for what has been succeeding to the last time I would put across with the stealer Once again helium told me He would live getting back up with Pine Tree State that day with vitamin A trailing number from Fed Ex Lie amoun 6

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