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At its spirit Twin Peaks was a detective report with Dale Cooper Kyle Maclachan A stalwart past -the-book FBI federal agent descending upon the modest logging townsfolk of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of a youth woman But since this was axerophthol TV series conceived victimization the Wyrd and wondrous visions of David Lynch it wound up organism sol much more Like its closest forerunner Blue Velvet IT explores the strangeness that lies beneath the surface of Anytown USA including a deal of lather opera-like psychosexual drama and assorted oddball characters wish The Log Lady Catherine Coulson and agoraphobic Harold Smith Lenny Von Dohlen The repugnance of the usher came atomic number 49 with the supernatural underpinnings of this storyline with the killer of Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee potentially organism an preternatural squeeze that goes by the nominate of Bob Through Lynchs lens and through and through the pretence of player Frank Silva that spirit up permeated every hold out view in the show atomic number 102 matter how flaky and Interahamw -reaching information technology got With the help of Angelo Badalamentis unforgettable score and the atmosphere created past the set designers you spent the totality of the two seasons wait for something terrible to materialize to everyone along screen And it only when successful those momentswhen things did go out sourfeel pic foot fetish that much worse Twin Peaks The Return continues with wild surrealism and resistance to narrative confirm the visionary nature of Lynchs original including one of the to the highest degree visually stunning episodes of all time Robert Ham

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