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29 Ann Oakley Sex Gender and Society New York 1972 pp 128-49 30 Paula Webster Matriarchy A Vision of Power in Reiter pp 141-156 31 Irene Frieze Jacquelinne Parson Paula Johnson Dian Ruble and Gail Zelman Women and free bdsm blog Sex Roles A Social Psychological Perspective New York 1978 Ruth Lowe and Miriam Hubbard Genes and Gender Two New York 1979 Eleanor Maccoby and Carol Jacklin The Psychology of Sex Differences Stanford 1974 Marie Richmond-Abbott Early Socialization of the American Female in Richmond-Abbott erectile dysfunction The American Woman Her Past Her Present and Her Future New York 1979 For antiophthalmic factor vital reexamine of Holocene epoch theories well-nig differences In male and female brains find Freda Salzman Are Sex Roles Biologically Determined Science for the People 9 1977 pp 27-33 Joseph Alper Sex Differences in Brain Asymmetry Feminist Studies 11 1985 pp 7-37

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